No Longer Niche: The Rise of Digital Health in Capital Markets

August 09, 2021

No Longer Niche: The Rise of Digital Health in Capital Markets

In the first half of 2021 alone, digital health has generated $14.7B in funding which already exceeds all investments generated in 20201. As funding in digital health technologies skyrockets, no doubts are left that this market is finally grown up. The maturing process goes hand in hand with an acceleration in exit activity with 11 closed IPOs and SPACS and an average of 22 monthly acquisitions in Q1 2021 alone, compared to 12 average monthly acquisitions in 2020.


Although the innovation ecosystem of course welcomes the surge in digital health investment, the recent developments pose new questions about digital health funding’s driving force, sustainability, and future potential.


In the context of its Digital Health Forum, on September 9, Bayer G4A aims to provide answers and reflections on these points. The panel “No longer Niche: The Rise of Digital Health in the Capital Markets” featuring Dr. Carri Duncan (Karaktero Capital), Dr. Christina Jenkins (Phoenix Venture Fund), Jeff Arnold (CEO Sharecare) and Nana Raphael (Jeffries International) discusses recent trends and their long-term impact within the digital health investment landscape. The panel will shed light on the drivers behind the surge in digital health deals and discuss how socially responsible investments can be assured while more and more new investors are entering the market sensing commercial opportunities. Moreover, the panel reflects on the different opportunities in European and American digital health investment markets, their growing interconnectedness and the challenges associated with increased cross border cooperation. Last but not least, the panel discusses different exit opportunities, reflects on SPACs as a recent exit trend and provides hands-on insights into the SPAC journey of Sharecare.


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